Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Why commission a piece of art?

Commissioned Art  is a uniquely personal gift. It is an ideal way to commemorate a special occasion and to remember a loved one. Although not usually the first reason for commissioning work, an original also has potential to increase in financial value over the years.


How do I commission artwork?

Its Easy. Just send me email or a text, or phone  me for a chat. we can take it from there.


What will it cost me?

That depends on what you are wanting. The subject of the painting or drawing will influence the size and price of the work. More complex subjects require more time and possibly a larger scale whilst some subjects will feel ‘right’ at one size and not another. We will discuss your preferences and thoughts at the initial consultation. What ever your budget, you get the same high quality art and personal attention.


What is copyright?

To own a copyright means that you are legally entitled to reproduce an original piece of work. The artist who creates the artwork is the owner of the copyright,even after the original work is sold. Unless the artist grants a specific licence for you to use copies of their work for a specific purpose, you cannot legally reproduce their work for any reason. Whilst it may be acceptable to take one or two photographs of the original for insurance purposes, it is considered theft if you use copies for other purposes e.g. making your own greeting cards or prints. Unauthorised copying is theft and carries a hefty penalty.

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