Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Student Gallery

Student Gallery 5 Watercolours


A perennial favourite. With so much seasonal interest and weather to try your hand at there is always something new to try.


A Still-Life in Green

Greens can be tough to get right so this project was all about using differnt greens together.

Everyone brought in something from home to make the group arrangements.


Loose Flowers.

This project was aimed at using wet into wet for loose impressions of floweryness.

details were kept until  the final stages and used sparingly to avoid a tight finished painting.

Winter Trees

This project worked with a limited palette of cool colours.

It was good practise for observing tree growth and for using tone and contrast to give the illusion of distance.




Student Gallery 2 Acrylic Projects

Here is a selection of easy projects completed by students, during my introductory acrylics classes. Each one looks at and emphasises a particular aspect of making art.

Project 4 into 1:  

The brief was to compose four individual paintings that would also join to make a 5th  panoramic painting. This might look like one painting divided into four pieces, but the trick is to make sure each little painting can be shown by iself and still look properly composed. This one will make you think about the rules of composition.

Project coloured grounds:

A background colour was applied all over before painting these still-lives.

The aim is to leave open brushwork so that the ground can show and be part of the finished painting. This way of working gives  quick results as the background colour provides all the mid-tones.You just add the highlights and deep shadows.

Project Close Up:

The aim was to focus on a close up detail and make a large painting of that part.

Here the emphasis is placed on shapes and patterns with semi abstract possibilities. Its fun to work out what each painting was originally based on.

Student Gallery 1 Acrylics

Project: Abstracts

Abstract Art divides opinions, some love it some hate it. Whatever your viewpoint, for the artist it's a good way to explore shapes and colours.

For beginners its a good way to play with colours and shapes;and explore how to use acrylics without worrying about making it look like something.

For more experienced painters you can hone your brush techniques, vary the colour palettes, practise edge values etc. Be warned though- Its not easy to concentrate only on the abstract qualities of a composition. Youhave to stop yourself 'seeing things' in the paintings.

A selection of work from my acrylics students.

You probably won't believe me, but some of these painting are by novice painters with only a few hours of tuition. Acrylics are a very versatile medium and my students quickly learn to love it.


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